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Load capability on HS-WD100+

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  • Load capability on HS-WD100+

    About a month ago, I replaced a Leviton Leviton VRI06-1LZ Vizia RF+ with a HS-WD100+ to support two wall sconces, each with 2 60 watt bulbs in them (total 240 watts). The first HS-WD100+ worked for two weeks before it ceased to operate the lights, it was still visible and the LED's on it could be controlled by HS3 Pro but the lights failed to light. I disconnected power and checked the circuit for shorts but all checked good so, I put in a new HS-WD100+ only to have it fail the same way after roughly a week. (FYI) I did remove the three heat sink tabs on one side as it is in a 3 gang box. I ended up putting the Leviton VRI06-1LZ Vizia RF+ back into the box about two weeks ago and no issues. Just wondering if I might be missing something that could be causing issues with the HS-WD100+ but that the Leviton VRI06-1LZ Vizia RF+ is immune to. . . Love the HS-WD series and hate to go backwards.