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HS-WS100+ Fails i.e. cycles relay

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  • HS-WS100+ Fails i.e. cycles relay

    A couple days ago I had a Homeseer HS-WS100+ fail in a manner which I had already had a couple of Dragon Tech switches fail in.

    The pattern is:
    1) The switch will turn itself off and back on at a random interval.
    2) At some point when you switch the light on manually, the light switch will start cycling on-off ( at a rate that I would assume is whatever the relay is limited to ).

    * No aux switch.
    * The light bulbs are LED.
    * The breaker does not trip ( Arc Fault/Ground Fault breaker )
    * There is no traffic from any other device to the switch at the time.
    * I have a few GE/Jasco switches; none of these have ever failed in this manner.

    Has anyone else observed this?

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    I had two of the early ones fail in this fashion. They were replaced under warranty.

    I also had a HS-WS200+ fail the same way two weeks ago. It was replaced under warranty.
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      Had you upgraded the firmware? ( Do you know what the firmware version was ?)

      I pulled apart the Dragon switch and noted that the contacts were singed.


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        Singed contacts are not good. Any idea what caused that? Overload? Poor manufacturing?
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          Just had a HS-WS100+ ver 5.13 switch fail in exactly this way. Went into a continuous on/off cycle that could only be stopped by flipping the breaker. Lucky it didn't blow out the ballasts in my garage lights. I had updated the firmware earlier to try and stop the on/off glitches after turning it on (this kind of worked but those glitches still happened occasionally). I have a few other HS-WS100+s installed so I figure they will fail in a similar manner at some point. These switches shouldn't be failing in less than 2 years!


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            If the switch is out of warranty ( i.e. it is dead and you don't care destroying (i.e. do not ever try to use it again ) ), remove the four screws that connect the plate to the plastic housing.
            There will be two boards. One is the relay and the other is the z-wave controller.
            Look at the LOAD terminal under at least a 10x magnifier lens ( I used a 25x magnification lens ( I normally wear glasses )).
            Look to see if some black bits have boiled up through the solder on the LOAD terminal.
            The z-wave board seems to be fine ( I have found that it floods the z-wave networks with reports of change of state of the switch ).