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  • Group Associations from WD200+

    I have a WD200+ with no load. I have set "group 2" associations to 5 z-wave light bulbs (GoControl). From the dimmer, everything works well. All the bulbs dim in unison.

    When I turn the dimmer on or off from HS3, however, the dimmer's LEDs turn on/off but the bulbs do not. Any ideas?

    Also, I would like to use 6 bulbs, but I can only get 5 associations to stick. I assume there is a limit of 5 on the dimmer?

    I can daisy chain the devices using links, but that has its own problems . . .

    Firmware is 5.14. Originally 5.11, with the same issue.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Unless I'm mistaken this is not the intended use of associations which is why turning the dimmer off via HS doesn't work as expected. I would create an event that triggers when the dimmer changes then sets each of the lights to that level. Easy trigger lets you set a device to another devices value.


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      Thanks. I was thinking that this was the purpose of associations. And it works beautifully from the switch itself.

      The issue with using a trigger is that the bulbs don't dim until you release the paddle. In a real 3-way circuit, you would see everything dim in unison, while pressing the paddle. I haven't figured out a good way to emulate that. Linking has the same issue, and in addition the bulbs come on one after another, in the sequence in which the links are daisy-chained.


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        oddly enough this reminds me of a recent post about dimming a 2nd zwave dimmer up/down using the central scene. I have a script that you can modify that may be able to achieve what you're looking for.

        Imports System.Threading, System.Convert
            Public Sub Main(ByVal Parms As Object)
                '' This script should be called when a central scene is set to "held down"
                '' it dims A dimmable device either up Or down until the central scene becomes "key released" or the load hits 99 or 0
                '' Parameters '<device ref #>|<device ref central scene #>|up|<dimrate>' or '<device ref #>|<device ref central scene #>|down|<dimrate>'
                '' ie: 79|78|up|100
                Dim ParmArray() As String
                ParmArray = Parms.ToString.Split(ToChar("|"))
                Dim DeviceRef As Integer = Integer.Parse(ParmArray(0))
                Dim DeviceValue As Integer = hs.DeviceValue(DeviceRef)
                Dim DeviceRefCS As Integer = Integer.Parse(ParmArray(1))
                Dim DeviceValueCS As Integer
                Dim Keyreleased As Integer = 1001
                Dim UpDown As String = ParmArray(2)
                '' DimStep is the increment value for each dim setting
                Dim DimStep As Integer = 3
                If UpDown = "down" Then DimStep = DimStep * -1
                If UpDown = "down" Then Keyreleased = 2001
                '' DimRate is how long to take between dim levels; ie the rate of dimming in milliseconds
                Dim DimRate As Integer = Integer.Parse(ParmArray(3))
                For value As Integer = 0 To 100
                    '' increment the dim% value then set min and max values
                    DeviceValue = DeviceValue + DimStep
                    If DeviceValue > 99 Then DeviceValue = 99
                    If DeviceValue < 0 Then DeviceValue = 0
                    '' set the device to the current value
                    Dim cc As HomeSeerAPI.CAPIControl = hs.CAPIGetSingleControl(DeviceRef, True, "Dim (value)%", False, False)
                    cc.ControlValue = DeviceValue
                    Dim cr As HomeSeerAPI.CAPIControlResponse = hs.CAPIControlHandler(cc)
                    '' get current central scene value
                    DeviceValueCS = hs.DeviceValue(DeviceRefCS)
                    '' check to see if we should exit the loop
                    If DeviceValue = 0 Or DeviceValue = 99 Or DeviceValueCS = Keyreleased Then Exit Sub
            End Sub


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          Thanks! The description says exactly what I want. I haven't done any scripting yet, but I'll try it.


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            The group two assosiations allow the switch to control the device directly without the hub. The gocontrol bulbs unfortunately do not support it. If you have two WD200+ switches it works amazing and is much faster then an event.