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Painting a HS Switch/Dimmer

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  • Painting a HS Switch/Dimmer

    this was in another thread... but thought i'd share my results. I needed a dark brown switch, and since the faceplates in that color are not available, I painted my own. Very easy to pull off the plastic switch from the main unit... should then separate into three pieces....

    1. air gap pull out
    2. paddle
    3. mount piece (that attaches to body).

    I just used cardboard to build three little stands to hold the pieces. For the mount piece that has the 7 LED holes, I used a bit of small gauge wire from the backside through each hole and taped I place while painting.

    3 light coats of a primer/paint spray-paint… came out great.

    Click image for larger version

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    Wow. That looks great!!!


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      Although I don't need to paint any of mine I popped one apart just to see what would be needed. You do have to be careful taking them apart but once apart they look really easy to work with.

      I don't know what paint the OP used but it should be a good paint specifically formulated for painting plastic. Enamel paints are hard wearing and fill the bill nicely. I would also suggest using a clear coat as well to protect the base coat and give them what ever sheen you want them to have.

      If you have and know how to use an airbrush that's by far the best way to paint small plastic parts as you have really good control. If you're not an experienced at painting plastic try to find someone who air brushing plastic models. A good place to look is a hobby shop as they may know someone.
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        I also needed some brown switches so I followed Tomgru's post and made my own. Limited supply of spray paint at the local store (big box too far of a drive) so I picked a metallic brown. The color doesn't match the "official" brown switch color but I was using a custom plate cover so it didn't matter too much. Two lights spray coats was all it took. I didn't need to worry about the LED holes as the paint didn't block any of the lights. I'll see if it needs a clear coat after some use but no problems after the first few weeks.

        Note that there is a top and bottom of the paddle so when you put it back together it only works one way. (There is a plastic tab right in the middle that has to avoid the plastic on the frame)

        Good Luck!