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Feature request WD200: When dimming delay before returning LED to status mode

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  • Feature request WD200: When dimming delay before returning LED to status mode

    I'd like to see two small change made to how the WD200s LEDs are displayed during a dimming cycle while in Status mode.
    1. Whenever the dimmer is actively changing the dimming level I like the display switch back to normal mode when that change is made either locally or remotely. Currently it only shows the level change during a local change but not for a remote change when in status mode. This would make the display show the same in both modes during the active dimming cycle.
    2. Whenever a LEDs are showing the dimming cycle do not return them to status mode for at least a few of seconds, two to five seconds would be fine. This makes it easier to adjust the level when you release the paddle and you overshot the level you wanted as the display will hold that level while you mode your finger to the other side of the paddle.
    The main idea here is to have the LEDs show the dimming cycle the same way even when the dimmers is programmed in status mode.

    Hopefully this would be a somewhat minor change to the WD200 firmware.
    John (N6BER), Joyce, Lucas (Golden Ret mix), Bella (Great Pyrenees) and Lance (GP).

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