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HS 100 Associations - linnking 2 switches without a hub

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  • HS 100 Associations - linnking 2 switches without a hub

    I found a post on here about linking 2 HS200 using association group 2. I checked my Homeseer and my HS100 switches have firmware 5.15 but I am unable to create a 2nd association group like the post said.

    I am looking to link 2 HS100 switches so that when the hub is not working that switches will still be linked. Can it be done?

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    The 100 series switches and dimmers do not support multiple group associations.
    Randy Prade
    Aurora, CO

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      So, how do I know which switches/devices support more than one association group? both the 100 and 200 have the same description and manual comments with regards to only having association group 1.

      Not wanting to make the same mistake twice Also, I do not want a dimmer as these are outside lights which I always want to be full on.

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