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50.4 Firmware - Central Scene Reporting Delay

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  • 50.4 Firmware - Central Scene Reporting Delay

    I have several new WD100+ dimmers with firmware version 50.4.
    There seems to be a delay problem in the sending of the central scene single-tap event which does not occur in earlier firmware (my other WD100 dimmers are firmware version 15.19).
    Specifically, if the dimmeris single-tapped, it seems that the central scene event does not get sent until after the dimmer finishes ramping to its "last" value. This can result in several seconds of delay before the central scene event.
    I'm assuming (but have not confirmed) that this may be done so that the dimmer can send its new value to HomeSeer before it reports the central scene event (and, thus, ensure that any events at HomeSeer that trigger on the central scene press, but also have a conditional that looks at the dimmer's value, will "see" the correct new value). If that is the reasoning, then it seems there is a better way to do this without the delay. Specifically, as a dimmer will know its target value the moment the paddle is tapped, it could immediately send a multilevel switch report to report its current and target levels (even if the dimming is still occurring), and then immediately thereafter send the central scene command. HomeSeer could then use the "target" value if it needs to evaluate any event conditional statements.