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Associations vs LInking vs Events -- a guide anywhere?

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    Oooo... didn't realize the status lights would sync as well. I'll try the associations for that - that's one of the uses / objectives. I wonder if using "linking" as well as an association will cause an issue?


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      I also just moved from ISY/Insteon and have installed 40+ new switches (most HS 200+). For multi-way I currently have Grp 2 associations setup (started with that) but am also currently experimenting with EasyTrigger to help keep things in sync. For one group of switches I'm currently using (along with associations):

      Click image for larger version

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      Seems to work fine with associations albeit perhaps a bit redundant. Status of all switches in HS is tracked; on/off/dim level as well as switches (all HS 200+) tracking. I'm new to HS so take my setup in that light. Have not tried linking. Still playing with this.