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Fan switch - how do you handle your clicks

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  • Fan switch - how do you handle your clicks

    Do you change how the single click up and down work on your fan controller switches? I find the single click to raise the level by one is a bit tedious so I change to a double click on top to turn on and a double click on bottom to turn off.

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    For the FC-200s I found the standard control annoying also

    I created 2 events

    On Top Pressed, Set Fan to Last Level (I think I had to modify the control to add this)

    On Bottom Pressed, Set Fan to Off

    Holding up and down by default will raise and lower the speed so this makes it operate like the light switches

    I also used RPrade's Light automation logic and modified it for the fans so instead of different lighting levels called based on light level (time of day) I make these more auto by calling the different speeds based on temperature setpoints to automatically set the fan to a speed based on the room temperature. Triple tap Up and Down enable and disable this "auto temperature" mode to maintain consistency between the Lights and Fans.

    Lastly the wife likes to have the LED on when the lights are off to more easily find the switches in the dark (even though now they are rarely needed). So as not to confuse when it is on at the lowest level and it is off, I change the LED color to Red when it is Off an Green When On.