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HS-WS200+ setup for countdown timer?

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  • HS-WS200+ setup for countdown timer?

    I was wondering if it was possible to program the HS-WS200+ so it would be configured to work as the Lutron Maestro Timer switch does?

    I want to install the switch in the bathroom for the exhaust fan and light so that it can be set up to turn off after a given time and the LEDs would count down as it runs out of time and gets closer to turning off.

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    Yes, its possible.

    I assume you would be using a separate Zwave switch for the fan, and the WD-200 for the lights since you would not want the dimmer wired to a fan.

    In HomeSeer, you would set up an event that triggers when Fan switch is turned on. You might also consider triggering it based on the number of Taps on the Central Scene device for the fan (1 tap for 1 minute; 2 taps for 5 minutes; 3 taps for 15 minutes).

    The event would then set the LED's on the WD200 to status mode, and you would have several Actions in the event to manipulate the LED pattern using "wait" statements between each action -- thus setting 7 LEDs on, then 6 LEDs on, then 5 LEDs on, etc.

    It gets a bit tricky in that, if the Fan switch is manually turned off, you would need another event to cancel the LED setting event and restore the LEDs to "normal" mode.


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      The countdown timer would be only for the fan. For example, in a bathroom, you have two switches, one for the light and one for the exhaust fan. The lights can be turned on and off as normal. The fan is only turned on when needed and you want it to continue to run after you leave and turn the lights off. So setting the fan up on a timer is great for that purpose and to be able to control how long the fan would stay on is great.


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        In events, you can trigger based on a device being at a given value for a specific period of time. You can also use it as a conditional.

        IF BathroomLight has been OFF for exactly 2m
        ANDIF BathroomFan is ON
        Then Set BathroomFan to OFF