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HS-FC200+ out of stock, ETA?

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    HS-FC200+ out of stock, ETA?

    This switch has been out of stock for months. Is there an ETA when (and if) they will return? If not, can I use HS-WX300 to control a fan, or is that problematic?

    With the global shortage of Z-Wave chips and the fact that these didn't sell all that well I'd say they may never return to stock. If you want a definitive answer then I'd recommend putting in a sales support ticket here:

    It is not recommended to use a WX300 for ceiling fan control.


      You can just use one of the GE fan controllers which are the same thing and a lot cheaper too. I have three of them and they all work fine. And they are also Z-Wave Plus so they route as well.

      All you have to do is just edit the status graphics pairs. Remove the slider as the control only has 3 speeds.
      Low (33%), Medium (66%) and High (99%) and of course Off (0)

      Just remove the slider and add 3 single value status controls and mark them a FAN control.

      0 - Off
      33 - Low
      66 - Medium
      99 - High

      Even if you leave in the slider, the speeds will still be only 3 and the fan will only change speeds if the slider goes above or below one of the three values.

      Here is a new one on eBay, there are few used ones but for a couple of bucks more, I'd rather buy new.


        That would be a shame if they never came back into stock. I have multiple fans and the builder only put on/off switches in the wall. To change speeds, I have to get a ladder out. The fan switch is one of my favorites. I also liked the ability to make any fan a 4-speed fan. For fans outside the 1st and 2nd speed on a 3-speed fan aren't very usable. Converting it to a 4-speed fan gave 2 useable speeds, 3 and 4. We also have fans in our barn. Really helps to control them from the house when the weather isn't conducive to me walking outside.