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Firmware update to 100+ brings HS3 to a crawl durning the update

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    Firmware update to 100+ brings HS3 to a crawl durning the update

    I'm finding these updates take near 30 minutes per Dimmer!!!!! and during that time HS3 is completely unresponsive.

    Is that normal?

    I certainly hope not!


      Originally posted by logbuilder View Post
      I certainly hope not!
      well... it is on my system. no idea why.

      afraid to stop/start HS3 in the middle of this.


        I just restarted... for whatever reason, the 3 dimmer never updated to 5.19... stayed on 5.17 (which apparently per Rich is fine).



          I've never tried to update the firmware on my HS-100+'s since they work as expected with my system.

          However logically it makes sense for a firmware update using a 100 kbps connection to use up quite a bit of the available bandwidth as well as take quite a while. That could make the zwave network unusable however it would seem odd that it would slow down the computer that homeseer is running on or the Homeseer software.

          Are you running Z-flash from the same PC as homeseer?

          When you say homeseer is unresponsive do you mean that you are unable to log into it using a LAN connection? Or do you mean that HS isn't able to execute or register zwave device commands/changes?
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            When I updated mine to 5.19, I used the web UI. It took about 5 mins per switch and shows you how much data it has uploaded as it goes. I did most of mine on my commute!


              Gee I have a couple of these switches WD and WS at firmware version 5.13 and 5.14 respectively. The switches work perfectly with double tap etc. What is the advantage to these firmware upgrades?
              I sometimes take the stand that if it's working, why mess with it. Never had any issues with either...

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