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Can I override the default on/off of the WS/WD100?

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    Can I override the default on/off of the WS/WD100?

    I know that at its heart this is still a light switch with a load on one pole but I'm wondering if it's possible, under certain circumstances to override that behavior. What I'm trying to do is use a triple tap up to put the switch, temporarily, into music transport control. My desired action would be a triple tap, followed by a single tap up for play, tap down for pause, double up for next, double down for next source on my audio matrix, triple up to enroll that's rooms speaker into the matrix, triple tap down to unenroll the speaker, press and hold would be volume. To exit transport control mode I'd either use a timer or give up one of scenes above and use it to exit.

    I can easily do everything but the single taps and the press and hold. I don't really want my lights turning on/off or dimming while I use it.

    I don't think you can do this with events alone the way you've described.

    You could set all the audio control to multitaps however. You may want to upgrade to a WD200 for the 5 taps

    To toggle the dimmer between controlling a load and your home audio, you'd need to disconnect the dimmer from the load and use one of the nano or micro zwave devices to control the load. The easiest way to control the nano/micro would be to link it to the WD100, assuming you can link/unlink using a script/event. If you can't then you'd have to rely on events to control the load. Events then handle the audio logic you've described.
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      Thanks, that was my assumption. Obviously overriding basic switch functionality is a "at your own risk" scenario and I would want the default behavior to always function (except for those times when I wanted to override it). The more I've thought about it, the more convinced I am that it's a bad idea and that I want to do it for the sheer novelty.