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HS-WD100+ in 3-way wiring

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    HS-WD100+ in 3-way wiring

    This is my first time trying to wire in the HS-WD100+.

    It's not clear to me how these switches work. Do they require the e-way companion to work?

    You can do it one of two ways... use the companion switch or use a second dimmer. Both of these scenarios use different wiring setups than traditional 3-way switches. The companion switch is the simplest way. If you wire it up right, it works. If you remove HS3, it works. The second dimmer will require that you only provide power to the second switch and allow HS to make it a virtual 3-way. However, you can now see the dimmer status on both switches. Each has its own merits.

    This post has a lot of information on how to wire it:




      I was looking at the following site:

      I live in Canada, so standards could be different, especially given that there were varying standards throughout the decades for 3-way wiring. I have not seen this method of wiring a 3-way switch elsewhere.

      I have yet to trace all the wires, but for now I know this much:
      1) Box 2 has one 3-wire NM cable.
      2) The light has one 2-wire NM cable.
      3) Box 1 has one 3-wire NM cable and one 2-wire NM cable, and others for other lighting circuits. (I'm not even sure if I will have room for a dimmer in that box. It may be too crowded)

      Here is how I believe the boxes are wired at the moment:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	wiring.jpg Views:	0 Size:	301.3 KB ID:	1327680


        Standards in Canada are basically the same, but there are many options allowed for wiring 3-way. Yours corresponds with Option #9 here: https://www.easy-do-it-yourself-home...g-diagram.html. Should be no issue adjusting that to work for this application, other than the space issue. You could always replace the box with a deeper one or even a double box.
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          If the picture you posted is accurate you have all the wiring you need to make this work.


            I gather that, if I want a dimmer in Box 2, it must be a companion. If I must use a companion, I then have to have the HS-WD100+ in Box 1.

            I bought two of these 100+ dimmers last year. I've read a few accounts that the 200+ dimmers work better with LED'S. Is it worth it to install the 100+ or should I just get the 200+?