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HS-WD200+ Ramp Up Rate

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  • Fellhahn
    My suspicion would be that the fault lies with the bulb, assuming you're using an LED globe?

    If so, can you test with an incandescent bulb and confirm if the problem is the same?

    If it behaves correctly with an incandescent, but screwy with an LED, test out some other brands of LED globe, some might work better than others.

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  • mboarman
    started a topic HS-WD200+ Ramp Up Rate

    HS-WD200+ Ramp Up Rate

    Ok, so now I have another minor issue with my HS-WD200+ dimmers. When pressing the paddle the ramp up rate appears to hit full brightness and around 50% of the led climb. Further more in limited testing it doesn't seem to matter what I set the local parameter 12 (local ramp rate) if remains the same. However, it does function correctly when ramping down on shut-off. Any suggestions why it's only working one-way and not both on and off?

    FYI: I'm using the switch with the suggested Smartthings Device Handler on the ST hub.