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Differing Event Trigger Values for WD200+

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    Differing Event Trigger Values for WD200+

    I have several WD200s for which HS3 displays different trigger values for single and double presses of the paddle (up or down). For some, the single press trigger is “Scene 00x Key Pressed 1 Time” and for others it is “Scene 00x Key Pressed”. For the former, “Scene 00x Key Pressed 2 Times” is used, while the latter displays “Scene 00x Key Pressed Twice”.

    Neither a rescan nor excluding/re-including the devices changes the trigger display.

    Only devices running firmware 5.11 or 5.12 show the “...Pressed 1 Time” format, but there are devices running 5.12 that show the “...Key Pressed” format. All of my HD200s running 5.9 show the “...Key Pressed” format.

    As I am using them, both triggers work as expected. However, it would be helpful to know if there is some nuance between the two that could impact event logic.

    Affected device details:

    Click image for larger version

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    Example events showing difference in action for tapping top of paddle:

    Click image for larger version

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