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WD-200+ WebCoRE Piston to clear the LEDs

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    WD-200+ WebCoRE Piston to clear the LEDs

    I have a WD-200+ and am getting familiar with WebCoRE. Is there a way to program a piston to clear/reset the status LEDs?

    While my piston is not perfect, it might help you with some code examples. One issue I have is that due to, I suspect, network congestion, some LEDs do not get reset. I still need to implement some additional check every so often to see if the condition is still true and if not, then to turn the LED off. A previous revision of this piston used conditions over events and while it may have had less of an issue missing a change, it was bogging down my already super active network.

    EDIT: Attaching images on this post s*cks... can't get it to work. The backup code is f9jc - if you import it, you can see the code but will lose the context of what the devices are...

    EDIT2: What works best for me is to setLedStatus to zero to turn off the LED, and then, once they are all at zero, to set it to normal mode. The extra code you see is to cycle through all the dimmers that I use to provide this notification. I had to pick a small selection as pushing the notification to all was causing havoc on my mesh network.

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