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Replacing X10 Ws467 switches with HS-WD-200+

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    Replacing X10 Ws467 switches with HS-WD-200+


    I currently have only 3 X10 switches left in my system. I have 1 three way switch, 1 four way switch and 1 regular switch. I am using the X10 WS467 along with the companion switches on 2 of the setups. I am currently using LED lightbulbs in all of the circuits but I have to add 1 incandescent bulb to each X10 circuit because of the load.
    My questions are:

    1) Are the HS-WD-200+ along with the WD-100 Companion switches a direct wiring replacement for the X10?
    2) Are the HS-WD-200+ compatible with most LED bulbs?
    3) How can the HS-WD-200+ units be added into the HS3 network if the Smartstick+ interface is not near the wall switches?

    Hopefully I can retire all of my X10 wall switches!

    Thanks in advance,


    1) They probably work the same. Check out the schematic. All you need for the companion switch is a traveler and a neutral.

    2) Yes

    3) As long as the Z-wave device is close to any device on the network it will work. I would start with the closest device and then add the farthest device last. These switches are Z-wave plus so that go quite far anyway.


      On another note you will notice the reliability is so much better. I was an old X10 guy way back.


        Originally posted by silverton38 View Post
        On another note you will notice the reliability is so much better. I was an old X10 guy way back.
        once you get your x10 to a stable spot, it is spot on as mine has been for years. if it wasn't for my switches going bad (think due to putting led on them)... I wouldn't be switching away..


        OP - yeah I hear ya on the x10 having to put a regular bulb in.. ive had to do the same thing. I can agree too that once you do this, you will see a quicker response.
        side note for you, remember at times you may need a device more just to add to the network like an outlet or something... I have a few outlets that I put in, not to control but to balance the house out and make a more stable zwave network.
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