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Set value of Last for WD200+ Dimmer

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    Set value of Last for WD200+ Dimmer

    Hi guys, is there easy way to set value of last to 100%?

    It turns out most people will try to turn lights off by holding switch down dimming it to minimum level not realizing that they are just dimming down and not turning it OFF.

    Basically I would like to on some level reset the switch to when next person comes in and turn the light on it will go to 100% and not to 2% last person set it to. I would re-set the switch as needed with event.

    1. I found out that I can use event to turn light ON and OFF using event. That will do the trick but not ideal at all.

    2. I think I will set Low Dimming Threshold to something like 15% so people will get the hint that they are not turning the light OFF

    But my me question stands. Is there any parameter to set Last to 100% without turning light ON and OFF?

    Thanks for your advice. Charles


    The "Last" value is stored internal to the dimmer and is activated by HomeSeer sending a "special" on value (255) rather than sending a percentage 1-99. You can't reset it to a new value without turning on the light. Note, as odd as it seems, for Z-Wave devices there is no 100%; Their fully-on value is actually 99.

    This behavior isn't a "HomeSeer" thing - I believe its part of the Z-Wave standard.


      OK.. That's too bad.. :-)

      Thank you for explanation.