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HS-WD200+ how to reset last setpoint?

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    HS-WD200+ how to reset last setpoint?

    Just installed a couple dimmers and I notice that if I turn it off from a partial setpoint, it returns to that "on" level when I bring it back up. Is there a way to always turn on 100% if single clicked, instead of using the "last" setpoint? Also, any way to have a single "on" click from a dimmed setpoint bring it up to 100%?


    Never mind, worked it out with the central scene single tap function and an event.


      pointdexter02 , Welcome aboard!

      Re your first question, I think this event will do the trick (works for me):

      Click image for larger version

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      The same event should also perform per your second question.

      Most people will have little interest in the function you request because you can get the same result by just holding the button down (slight ramp up). But if you really want an instant full on, it's easy to do.