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WD200+ Power Outage

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    WD200+ Power Outage

    Recently we had a power outage (not from a storm or any surges) and now several WD200+ dimmers will not connect to the Z-Wave network (nodes cannot be contacted). I tried to test connectivity and the nodes could not be contacted. Tried resetting power and that didn’t work. Looks like I’ll have to hard reset each one and replace bad nodes. Anyone have this happen before? Seems like poor operation of the switch firmware/hardware to have to hard reset them after a power outage. Thanks! Using them with HS3 and the HomeSeer Z-Wave stick. The server running HS3 was on battery backup and gracefully shut down after the power failure.

    I figured this out. Apparently the power outage had affected the USB plug somehow. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and everything was back to normal. Looking to change to a raspberry pi eventually so I can efficiently have a battery backup that will last a while. Right now I’m using a very old iMac.


      I'm using a dedicated CyberPower 1500VA PureSine UPS and it lasts about 12 days to power my modem, router, switch, and HomeSeer NUC.

      Is an old iMac really using that much power?

      Granted the CPU inside my NUC is: with a 2.5Watt SDP profile so it barely uses anything. Have you considered placing your iMac on an Aeotec/AeonLabs switch or alike Z-Wave device with power-metering? Not to turn it on/off obviously, but to measure the power usage so you can properly spec the UPS requirements.


        Well the computer is not the only thing on the UPS....

        -Cisco 48 port POE switch with 6 POE cameras.
        -WiFi Router

        I’ll have to check and see what the power meter says on the UPS.