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HS-WD200+ and LED Dimming (Flickering)

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    When I went to buy one online this came up. I trust these guys and love most of what they make even if it cost too much. This is actually cheaper on Amazon than the one mentioned above. Can't find it on Aeotec's site though quickly so the link below was from a google search for the manual.

    Aeotec Bypass for Nano Dimmer, Load Resistor and Dummy Load for dimmer, TRIAC dimmer switches to fix Light Flickering Issue

    Looks like it just goes between the load and neutral like anything else.


      They work well, its a capacitor and I wire them to a DIY plug. They go across the load, some holiday lights let you plug in another plug piggyback. Thats an easy fix. We'd installed a bunch of Lutron dimmers and had a bunch of them left over.

      Edit, I peeled the shrink tube off of one and got the specs.
      .47uf 310Vac capacitor

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