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WD200+ Install Question

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    WD200+ Install Question

    Nothing is ever easy...

    So, I'm putting in my first WD200+ and the existing (non-dimmer) switch only had two wires + ground. This is new construction ( just 1 year old ) and it appears from a quick check around the house that all single-pole switches are set up like this.

    I had previously swapped one of these for just a generic dimmer in the bathroom without any issues and didn't expect a challenge putting in some HS switches now. BUT the instructions for the WD200+ say they require at least Line, Neutral and Load.

    There was a coil of white wires in the panel all connected together but they do not attach to any of the switches. You can see them with the white wire nut near the open box in the picture.

    The pic with the three switches are, from left to right, a fan control, work-area lights and main room lights. That third one, the main-room lights, is what I'm trying to replace. There is a close shot of it as well (with my new WD200+ waiting desperately to be finished up).

    I have done some of my own wiring before, adding a local circuit off my secondary breaker panel as well as adding and changing recessed light cans when I redid my basement. And of course some switch replacements. But I haven't hit this before and hope someone can point me to what to test (multimeter standing by) or look at for getting the "must have three wires" HS switch installed. I have six more that I'm doing after this one...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	WallSwitch_3bank.jpg Views:	0 Size:	71.6 KB ID:	1440059Click image for larger version  Name:	WallSwitch.jpg Views:	0 Size:	67.5 KB ID:	1440060

    If in doubt, call a licensed electrician!

    Ordinary switches do not require a neutral wire, so no surprise there. It does appear that the white wires in the back are the neutrals though. You will need to verify that of course. Do not assume anything based on wire color.


      Yep....verified it with some measurements a little bit ago. I do have my contractor coming back over mid next week anyway and am going to just double check with him.