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  • Eman
    Don't know about the recordings (NAS or network path would be a plus)
    My situation is "diabolical" I use Nvidia SHIELD ATV and Android Tablets for playback using the TinyCAM Pro app (with Tasker profiles and MQTT the magic is space age!)
    Pop up floating windows (can float over HSTouch as well so I don't have cameras in HSTouch anymore) triggered by motion. In other words video processing elsewhere off the HomeSeer machine.


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  • mworsnop
    started a topic new camera user question

    new camera user question

    I have had Amazon cameras for some time, but now they dont sell them as they bought, I tried Ring and the software isnt very good.

    So now going to try the HS cameras. Does it record automatically with motion in the cloud or where and how? If it only records locally I would imagine thats a load on the PC. I have 10 cameras currently. The video on the HS Shopping page was very choppy. Is it normally more fluid? What software do you use to watch the videos?