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What is capabilities of HS-CAM-I with HS4

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    What is capabilities of HS-CAM-I with HS4

    Recently I just bought an HS CAM I, to learn and understand what I can do within HS4 with a camera
    (so cameras are new to me, and I couldn’t find much documentation)

    I was able to set it up and get it going after a couple tries, and also have it feeding into my HSTouch.
    but from there I start asking myself a lot of questions..

    1) Is there anyway to trigger recordings independently? Or do I need a separate motion sensor, or separate software?
    2) can recordings be viewed remotely? (I.e. HSMobile or HSBuddy, without going through myHS)
    3) more of a general i need more than just a camera and HS4, to be able to view 2-3 cameras, record when triggered, and view recordings remotely...or what is a simple was to do this? I’ve seen a lot a mentions in the forum on blue iris, is this needed, or other software, or is other hardware needed.

    More simply put - Can HS4 do these things, or does HS4 mad3 to just link to systems already doing these things

    I’m running HS4 now on my PC.

    Sorry for all the questions at once...

    FWIW, I asked sales about #1 and was told that the cameras need to be triggered by some other event or sensor (e.g. motion sensor).


      Thanks for replying, I ended up going a different path.

      i returned the camera, and purchased some Hikvision cameras and set them up with Blue Iris.

      The video to my HSTouch, is so much better, and now I can use Blue Iris to help trigger events within Homeseer.
      It was all pretty easy, looking through the rest of the forum...I was just a little timid at first jumping into adding Blue Iris.
      But now looking back I’m glad I did.