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What can you do with these cameras in HS3?

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  • What can you do with these cameras in HS3?

    The title says it all, what can you really do with these cameras in HS3? I added it in and maybe i'm missing something but without another application such as blue iris, it doesn't seem like you can do anything with them? I added the homeseer netcam addon so I can take a snapshot but that is about all I can get it to do. Was hoping to see a trigger action in events become available. Also is there better documentation out there for this camera other than the double sided half sheet it came with. No idea what the trigger preset function is on the device setup.

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    Depends on the system. Netcam doesn’t stream or store video, you should buy a dedicated system for that or build one with blue iris. I have netcam take a picture from a motion detector trigger and email it to me. Big5 controls the PTZ preset based on which detector is triggered, sends the PTZ preset instruction then takes a snap and emails it to me. The NVR is recording everything. When netcam takes an image the old file is renamed and then new image keeps the “new image” file name so you can add and email attachment without having to figure out each new image name. Blue iris will give you more control, but most ONVIF cameras publish the js command sets so that Big5 can issue any command via HTTP. I just added the REOLINK RLC-423, there is decent documentation on how to control it. Amcrest makes my NVR, its okay, it plays well with my older D-LINK fixed cameras


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      How do you hand the motion detection trigger?


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        I use DAKOTA wireless motion detectors they are placed around the property driveway front door etc. They have a very long range and low power. The receiver has a relay output that connects to an older Stargate controller that sends a ASCII command to HS3 via RS232. I’m sure there’s other hardware to get the contact closure detected by HS I just had the Stargate system from my early X10 deployment. It was a nice controller from JDS. Big5 takes care of the incoming events


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          Ah. I already have a similar thing set up for my Dakota driveway alarm but with a z wave sensor. I suppose I could trigger that and use hs netcam plugin to take a picture but was hoping to be able to get the camera to use its own motion trigger to take a picture.


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            Personally the motion sensors on a lot of cameras are finicky, you need to get the sensitivity just right or clouds and shadows will send you lots of noise. I still get the occasional squirrel or a cat strolling up the driveway but I always get a picture of the UPS/Amazon truck, the delivery plus anyone else stopping by. Adding PTZ and sensors means less cameras. if there is motion out of view you'll never record it. even if your panning; you can detect motion so in my mind its better (unless your staring at the monitor 24/7) to go to where the motion is then record and return to the default location.
            even if your panning; you can't detect motion
            BTW: Most IP cameras will take take a picture and send it to you if that's your goal. All my old D-Links do via gmail, they actually have a buffer that will send one image before the trip and two after. So your camera should have email function built-in.