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Followed instructions exactly, stuck at the QR code.

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    Followed instructions exactly, stuck at the QR code.

    I believe I have followed all the instructions exactly, including making sure I have a myhs login configured. I can't progress past the QR code. I'm using wireless and HS4.

    Any pointers before I spend half an evening trying to find a way to connect to the camera directly?


    Can this help ? :

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      Eman posted the same link i would have. You'll see my problem was the IP that it had, and the only way i could get it to change was to connect directly. I assume the applet is trying to do that, and figured my Ubiquiti network was likely doing something on the backend to keep that from happening.

      Wasn't too hard to connect to it. If you need instructions, let me know. It was a PITA, but has worked perfectly since.


        Which camera are you attempting to add? Indoor or outdoor.


          Thanks Eman, Tomgru and Rupp,
          Yes, I actually already found these posts and links, and this is the outdoor camera I'm trying to add (I'm in the correct forum!).

          I presume that the QR code contains my wireless SSID and password for the camera to first connect to the wireless network. I am within 8 feet of the router and I am using the 2.4G network. From looking in the router status I do not believe that has happened. None of the listed wireless clients are new.

          My network is which is not generally a default, so it seems plausible that could be involved, but I would have expected the device to at least connect wirelessly before failing somewhere else along the line.

          From reading the other posts, it seems that the next step would be to connect directly with a wired connection and try to find the device like that.

          I've been a user since Homeseer 1.x so I'm used to the occasional hiccup, given the large number of possible configurations involved in these systems, but this seems to have failed at the first hurdle... Ultimately, I'm hoping for more integration of video and stills with HS4, so it seemed that the HS camera would have a good chance of being supported in future so I was reckoning on buying a few of them.



            I would suggest trying it over a wired network. I have 3 of these and the first one worked over wifi with no problem but the last two had to be wired to get setup and then switched over to wifi.


              Finally, I found it on my network and logged in with a browser to configure it. Then HS found it ok. I did manage it wireless, but the QR code approach was not a timesaver!!