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HS-FLS100+ 6VDC modification

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    HS-FLS100+ 6VDC modification

    Sharing a modification which allows the HS-FLS100+ to operate from 6VDC

    The intent is to use the "Floodlight Sensor" in landscape lighting circuits. The "Sensor" has three useable Zwave devices which when powered from the landscape lighting circuit, provide usefulness; PIR Motion Sensor, Light Sensor, and Zwave Controlled Relay.

    The HS-FLS100+ has a buck converter (LNK306DN) which converters the line voltage 120V to 6VDC, the modification consists of adding one wire to provide this 6VDC directly at the output of the buck converter.

    Performing the modification. In the attached photo's, one Green 24ga solid strand wire (Removed from a section of Cat5 wire) is added to the circuit board.

    On the relay side of the circuit board, between the relay and the Zwave plugin board is a capacitor. This capactitor has a small hole next to it which is drilled thru the board. The 24ga wire is inserted thru this hole and soldered on the PIR side of the board. See picture "HS-FLS100Plus_6VDC_mod(2.1).png" attached

    As shown in picture HS-FLS100Plus_6VDC_mod(1.1).png" The proper hole that the 24ga wire should come thru is near the circuit board label "D4".

    Operation; The 24ga wire (Green) is 6vdc positive, White wire is 6VDC ground. Black is relay common, and Red is relay normally open.

    Tested working normally.

    Limitation, The buck converter is still present on the board, and the unit will still operate on 120V provided to the black wire, So in a low voltage landscape circuit, use the black wire as ground and the red wire to operated the properly rated 6VDC amperage relay for low voltage lighting. The 6VDC to operate the heavy amperage relay and the Modified HS-FLS100+ needs to come from a "AC to DC Buck converter" powered by the landscape circuit (12VAC)

    Note. The relay on the HS-FLS100+ is DC and not large enough for 12VAC landscape lighting

    Click image for larger version  Name:	HS-FLS100Plus_6VDC_mod(2.1).png Views:	1 Size:	310.3 KB ID:	1243222

    Click image for larger version  Name:	HS-FLS100Plus_6VDC_mod(1.1).png Views:	1 Size:	324.7 KB ID:	1243223

    Great information...thank you!


      Seeing as you've opened one up, any idea oi the flood sensor can handle being wired to a 240V circuit? Or strictly 120V?


        Originally posted by Fellhahn View Post
        Seeing as you've opened one up, any idea oi the flood sensor can handle being wired to a 240V circuit? Or strictly 120V?
        The buck converter datasheet is online. I believe the converter is set for 120V in and 6VDC out. changing the buck converter to a different input volt would require changing a number of SMT components. Beyond my skill set.

        You could use a 220V wall power supply down to 6VDC and do my modification.