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Which device do you use to select motion?

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    Which device do you use to select motion?

    I know I am missing something REALLY obvious, but I can't seem to create an event that properly detects motion with the HS-FLS100+. I already have all my lighting stuff setup in another event "driveway action", and I just want to run that event if the new sensor detects motion. I have the device setup properly, I can see it and control it manually, and it is updating the LUX in the log. I see this in the log
    "Device: ParkingArea GarageNew GarageFloodNew Notification Sensor Set to ON".

    But I can't seem to select that in the event setup, it asks for a range, and only accepts numbers, not text.

    How do I detect motion and trigger another event? Thanks.

    Maybe this is my problem? One sub device does not ever seem to be activated? If that is the correct terminology?
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