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WS100+ control FLS100+ switch instead of load?

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    WS100+ control FLS100+ switch instead of load?

    Love the concept of the FLS100+ and problem it solves, I have a couple frustrations and some feedback but I'll save that for another thread. I do have a question that hopefully someone can answer-

    I have a FLS100 as the only load on a circuit swtiched by a WS100+. I would like the switch/light to behave as follows:

    Single 001 - light on, regardless of LUX
    Single 002 - light off, but keep load to light (this is the challenge, the FLS100 creates a child device that controls the light - can the WS100 be configured to control that rather than the load?)
    Double 001 - Load on
    Double 002 - Load off

    I think I can accomplish this if I swap in a WD100 for the switch, but am wondering if anyone knows how to do so with the switch?

    I think you nearly hit exactly what I'm looking to do. I just installed the FLS100+ about 10 minutes ago and it's controlled by a WS100+.

    I'm wanting to turn the light on and off with a single tap, but keep the load on regardless. I'm not sure if you can accomplish this by setting how the WS100+ responds to all On and All off commands. I'm not sure what that actually does.

    I have a sliding glass door just below the lights/motion sensor attached to our dinning room. The dinning room lights are controlled by a WD100+ in a 2 gang box. I'd like to see if I can have the motion trigger the WD100+ first and then delay the outside lights 1-2 seconds to make it look like someone is home or manually turned on those lights also

    But if I do that, I need to figure out the logic behind having those lights turn off after the motion trigger is up, ONLY if the WD100+ wasn't triggered manually.


      If you figure it out, send me a PM please. Only thing I could come up with is wire it to a nano and to use the scene controller from a neighbor switch. You can sort of accomplish it with a dimmer, but from what i've read its not advised to have motion sensor lights on a dimmer. Right now as a band aid I have it included as a system check that runs periodically to make sure various systems are green, which turns it back on if someone accidentally turn it off (which happens daily).

      Can't blame the sensor for the switch limits, I am a bit frustrated with them though. I would have gladly paid twice the price for better sensors. Could say this about almost every z-wave sensor, but its no where near the performance of non-zwave product (e.g. RAB sensors), and the 250 limit on lux limits ability to detect dark days to adjust default light levels. I can't seem to add them as secure nodes either...