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  • scottlma
    I just installed my FLS100+ using the new iOS SmartThings app. I don't get any options for controling the lights. It shows up as a sensor. I added it by scanning the QR code - is there some other way I'm supposed to do this ? Thanks in advance.

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  • jemenake
    From what I can tell, "Save" only saves your updated settings either to your phone's persistent settings or to settings on your SmartThings hub. The "Configure" button is what sends those settings to the switch. My experience is that, if you change a bunch of settings in the app, they won't take effect on your device until you press "Configure".

    Why is it this way? My hunch is that the "Save" button doesn't execute anything in the device-controller code. It's probably something hard-wired in the Samsung app which merely saves the device-controller's configurable data to persistent storage (on the phone or the hub). Homeseer has their own code to update the devices, but there's no way for them to get the "Save" button to execute it.... so they have to make their own button to send it.

    It's a little unclear to me whether this has been improved in the new SmartThings app, since the Configure button doesn't appear in the device-controller pages on the new app... and it doesn't look like the configuration changes are getting pushed out to the devices.

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  • toddbecker
    I do not know this for sure, but my assumption is that the 'Configure' button is pushing the new settings to the device, rather than having a continuous 2 way communication established with the sensor.

    It would be nice if the device controller in Smartthings provided some sort of confirmation that the new configuration was applied.

    Since this thread is titled Smartthings Configuration, I will add a couple of questions of my own.
    • When does the On Time Duration setting apply? The user manual says that the z-wave settings override the physical device settings however my lights seem to behave differently depending on how the light (load) was activated - z-wave/automation, sensor.
    • What does 'Lux Value to Disable Sensor mean? In the screen shot above, is this saying that above 40 Lux the motion sensor will no longer trigger the light to come on?

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  • amigasteve
    started a topic SmartThings configuration

    SmartThings configuration

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    Can anyone tell me what it means by "Press configuration button after changing preferences"?

    Is it the "Configure" button on the device page? If so why is this necessary, since I already clicked on "save" to get back here?