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Useful option for light sensor

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  • Useful option for light sensor

    What would make this even more useful is if there were an event when a light went off. A lot of appliances (like clothes dryers) have a light that goes off when the cycle is complete.

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    This exists today. When the Light Detected status changes to OK send an alert.


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      I'm really loving mine. I use it to monitor the Visitor LED indicator on a Mighty Mule driveway alarm. The vehicle detection rate of the Mighty Mule has been rock-solid for me, and I like it because it is not affected by animals, pedestrians, etc. It uses an electromagnetic sensor buried parallel to the driveway that transmits a wireless signal to a receiver when a vehicle (or other large metal object) passes within approximately a 12-14 ft. radius. The receiver will then light the Visitor LED and a chime will sound. I even connected a second receiver so the tune could be heard further throughout the house. Sounds great, right? It is great when you are at home and within hearing distance of the receiver(s).

      Where the problem starts (at least in my estimation) is that the Visitor LED remains ON until you manually press a reset button on the receiver. There are no dry contacts so the Visitor LED is only useful in very specific scenarios. For example, if one is wondering whether or not a vehicle is pulling in the driveway at night while sleeping or otherwise occupied. Even then, the Visitor LED will only indicate that a vehicle did (or did not) enter the driveway. If so, it still doesn't indicate how many. Was it a lone serial killer stalking your home in a creepy panel van, or did the entire 101st Airborne Division roll past? Let's hope it was the Screaming Eagles!

      Anywho, what bothered me more than any of that was finding a way to get a notification that someone entered the driveway when no one is home. I can trigger events with cameras, but a driveway alert would improve those notification times and event triggers significantly. Enter the Flex Sensor! I covered the Visitor LED with the light sensor cable and have it trigger events and send a Pushover message (a fine plugin I might add) each time a vehicle hits the driveway. To solve that pesky Visitor LED staying in the ON position, I hooked the receiver up to a Levition on/off plugin outlet and toggle it off and back on after everything has fired. It works brilliantly and will let me continue to use the effective (and cheap) Mighty Mule until it gives up the ghost. Then I'll spring for a much more expensive and sophisticated product like the Mier DA600, complete with dry contacts and the like.