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Fluid-sensing cable sensitivity

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  • Fluid-sensing cable sensitivity

    It appears the fluid-sensing cable is wrapped with string and the cables within appear shielded with a braided nylon or other threaded material. This leads me to wonder how long the cable may need to dry out before being able to be reset and sense water again. It also causes me to wonder how saturated the cables need to become before it will report water. Does anyone have any experience with these yet?


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    I just got the Flex sensor with the water detection cable delivered today.

    I haven't tested it thoroughly, but I wet my finger and put it on the cable. It probably detected after I put two drops of water on it.


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      Ok, sounds like it has to soak in a bit. That shouldn't be a problem during an actual leak.

      How long did it take to reset itself to "Dry" or whatever it's called for that device?


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        I just recently purchased one of these with a 2nd cable to loop around under my washer. When the relative humidity goes above 70% or so, it detects it as water and won't switch back to dry until the humidity decreases again. I'm using the Smartthings device handler with Hubitat, and there's no option to adjust sensitivity.

        Unfortunately high humidity is a fact of life here, and I'm using leak sensors to control a water main shutoff. Any thoughts?