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Flex sensor not resetting

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    Flex sensor not resetting

    I have two flex sensors with the water sensor lines plugged into them. One is showing water since Oct 7 (and it's been dry all along) - I unplugged it and replugged the sensor today and no change. The other, in an adjacent room, is strangely also showing water even though there isn't any. Any suggestions?

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    I'll toss out some ideas.

    Have you tried re-scanning the devices? Have you tried replacing the batteries to see if that re-sets the device? I would try leaving the batteries out for a minute or two to drain any capacitors.

    If you unplug the water sensor cord and plug it back in, does it reset the value?


      Hi AllHailJ,
      Sorry for the dumb question, but how do I initiate a re-scan?

      I have tried replacing the batteries, but I haven't done the long wait between. Will try that.

      I have unplugged and replugged the sensors on both and they don't reset.


        You can go to the device you wish to scan, double click on the device, then the z-wave tab should be selected and you can rescan the device. You will have to wake the device right after you start the rescan so it can respond.

        I can offer a script that will set the VGPair (The Value Grapic pair type that holds the image and the text for a device.) but since it is a battery device I don't know how you can wake the device and run the script in during the open communication interval.