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HS-MS100+ motion alarm reliability

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  • HS-MS100+ motion alarm reliability

    I have serveral Dome Motion sensors and bought 3 HS-MS100+ sensors to see how they work.

    On occasion my Dome sensors get stuck on motion. I think the device sends the status and it never makes it to the controller. Next time there is real motion it will pick up. It's just sporadic.

    So I modified all of my motion sensors to update last change date even if the value doesn't change. I left the default of the dome that it resets the motion every 8 seconds. So even if there is constant motion it keeps updating the controller.

    So all of my motion events run such that i look for the device having not changed status in X minutes. That way if it does get stuck it still turns off the light.

    As far as I can tell the homeseer will only update the status if it changed. It won't send a motion status if it is already motion. So I'm wondering how reliable are the sensors. Do they somehow know the status was updated on the controller successfully?

    As far as I can tell I could set the PIR timeout way low but that still relies on the fact that it goes into no motion and I would think it would drain the battery.

    So I guess I can just rely on them being reliable and not worry about it. Curious what others think about reliability of status notification. Or is there a setting I am missing to get it to update the time last change time even during constant motion.

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    Would like a special 0 parameter like on the hsm200 . So every time there is motion the unit send motion to the controler.

    after that you create a vd from this and you become in full control of the device .

    I do not like to wait ‘’x number of time after the last time the motion detects motion) for the sensors to send and off motion. I prefer to do the logic myself .


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      I have a few of these sensors and from what I have observed, if properly network optimized, they send motion and no-motion(on timeout) very reliably. However, I am concerned about battery life and the more on-off transmissions back to the Z-wave Controller, the less time they will last(batteries). I always use a minimum battery reporting(wake-up) of more than 12 hrs and set the no-motion timeout as long as possible to prevent unnecessary communications(like 10-20 minutes). I have 2 units and at 5 months on new batteries; one is at 50%(higher motion activity) and one at 75%. If I can't get at least 1 year of battery life I will keep looking for a better solution.


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        That sounds like awful battery life. I have had my Domes for 1 to 2 years. I've only replaced the battery on 1 device (i have 13) I have only a few that are below 50% now. Many are above 80%, some at 100%. I will say they do tend to stay at 100 and then start to drop off, like I will see it at 100% for almost a year and then go to 80 in about 2 months. I think I'm going to get 3 years out of most of them.

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          What is the "Dome Motion sensors" you refer to? I assume it is not the HS-MS-100?


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            They have not been out of stock for a while. Not sure if they still making them or not. I tried the Zooz outdoor sensor and the battery life was horrible so I am actually using these outdoors. I was thinking about connecting some outdoor sensors to power but these Domes have worked well outdoors. My are all under eves but I'm not sure if the humidity will eventually get to them or not. I also tried the Aeotec and didn't have much luck.

            There is this sensor from Haozee motion sensor that look just like the Dome. The Neo Coolcam appears to be the same sensor as well. I may try that at some point.

            I was also considering this which I think is the same as the Dome.

            It appears there are two flavors. One that is a magnetic mount and the other that is a clip. I think the clip might be a newer version because the magnetic mount can cause the battery to pop out as you are putting on the back of the sensor. I like the looks of the magnetic better and with my high ceilings and eves i like it. That is because I have a 6 foot "grabber" I use to put them on and off. It would probably work with the clip as well but probably not as good.