In the Homeseer GUI, I go to the Z-Wave page of my water valve's root device. I click on Settings. After I click on Settings, no settings are available. There are no configurable settings for the water valve? Even the usual way of setting parameters, where you enter a parameter number and value, don't show up.

The reason I wanted to check the Settings is to verify that the water valve does not respond to ALL ON or ALL OFF commands. Most Z-Wave device's Settings has a menu item for selecting how the device responds to ALL ON or ALL OFF commands, and I wanted to make sure that the water valve does not respond to these commands.

What got me looking into this is for some strange reason, my office ceiling lights turned off for no apparent reason (while I was playing with an unrelated issue with Homeseer). I checked the Homeseer logs to see what might have caused my office ceiling lights to turn off, and there was nothing to explain why. Later, I tried to get water out of my kitchen sink, and no water came out. I checked Homeseer, and the status of the water valve was opened. I clicked open from HS3Touch, and then water started coming out. So, I still don't know what may have caused my office ceiling light and water valve to turn off/closed.

Hence, I wanted to check the water valve root device's settings but the GUI doesn't show any settings to be made.

Can someone with this water valve check if there are any settings available?
My water valve has firmware version 2.9.