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New valve installation

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    New valve installation

    My new valve will be here in a couple of days and I got to thinking about how to achieve auto shutoff if there is a leak.

    I have some kind of wireless device attached to the meter. A bit of Googling showed three wires going from the device to the meter. I wonder if I could connect to those wires to somehow determine when the water is running constantly, therefore a leak.

    I can build events based around my Fibaro sensor by the furnace and water heater and maybe even my GoControl Irrigation controller, but if the leak is elsewhere I'm sunk.

    I read various posts here but most didn't fit my situation. Would an Arduino be necessary? Something else?
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    On the X10 forum someone mentioned a water valve and when I checked the item I happened to see Amazon suggested this item.

    What would I need to do to read data from it in HS3? I'm thrilled with the HS3 water valve itself but this would be a nice addition to have auto shutoff.


      I would not use one of those on my main water line. I’ve bought one before and although the build quality looks ok, I would not trust it for that. I use the DLJ line of meters with an integrated reed switch for both my main water line and line to the sprinkler system ( I then use a Mimolite to get the pulses from the meter into HS. Those meters are considerably more expensive, bit very rugged/durable.
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        If there's a ball valve from the main line, you could use a Z-Wave robot to automatically close in case of a leak. You'd need water sensors in areas prone to leak and tie the triggers together with the hub.

        You'd need a power source close by

        Couple on Amazon - &