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HomeTroller Zee and Z-Wave

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    HomeTroller Zee and Z-Wave

    How do I use the Zee as a Secondary Z-Wave controller. There are directions on how to copy the devices to the Z-stick but should I not be able to copy the information from my HS2 based primary Z-Wave network controller ?

    Hometroller Zee and Z-Wave network

    Well I was able to stumble through the configuration of making the Z-Stick in the ZEE the secondary controller on my network, but a lot of the information from my nodes was messed up and I had to repeat the replication from the primary (my windows HS2 system).

    Its in pretty good shape now on the ZEE and it does control my switches and thermostats.

    The bad news is that I did NOT document what I did. So I am not sure of the exact steps I took to get the end result.

    If I get some time this weekend I will try to do a little more reading on Z-Wave networks to try to understand.