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Three basic questions

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    Three basic questions

    Ok I was able to fix my Intermatic switches. I added them, then removed them and then removed them and then added them. That is working. My guess is that they were not completely clearing their old config. Now my htree questions:

    I have a 2 gig thermostat. I can control it fine, but in my android and web interfaces it always reports the temp as zero, not the temp on the thermostat itself. How can I fix that? So, I can tell it to heat to 65 and heat turns on and it sets to 65 on thermostat, but the current temp is not reported back or is not interpreted by the zee.

    I have an aeon remote control that I have added to the network, but how do I define the keys, I would like to define them as events.

    How can I get my homeseer remote info to stay in my homeseer web setup. Several times a day I put it in, it stays for a while, then later it returns to blank. I have purchased the 1 year license:

    MyHomeSeer-Connect Settings
    MyHomeSeer Connect LicenseID goes to blank

    MyHomeSeer Connect Password goes to blank

    MyHomeSeer Connect Domain Name goes to blank

    Notification Email address (when IP changes) goes to blank

    Many thanks for any info anyone can give me.

    Ok finally got the remote working correctly. I was also able to to get the thermostat to report temp, though I don't know how I did the thermostat.

    Still have a disappearing license issue.


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