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Hometroller ZEE and Door Switches

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    Hometroller ZEE and Door Switches

    I have a Zee network that I need to add door switches to. I have two Schlage PS516-485 that I bought on I can sucessfully add these to the network but when the Zee detects a state change in the switch I get the following error in the log.

    Node Change Event for Node 3 on Network XXXXXXX, CC=COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION_V4 but no valid devices were found.

    Is their a solution for this? I need these two switches to work correctly so that I can monitor my front door and my driveway alarm.

    Try a rescan on the root device.

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      It was my fault. Everything works correctly with the cover on the switch. I think the switch was in tamper mode. Thanks for the suggestion.