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    Can't Logout?

    I suspect this is a bug, so I'll check bugzilla. So far I have enjoyed not needing to login. . .I just thought it was remembering my session, but seems to automatically login and never time out. Today I got a little 5" android device I was going to try to use as a remote. . .of course I can't remember the password, so I was going to go to a couple different computers to try to remember it by trial and error. . .

    EVERY computer I have gone to in EVERY different browser, even those I had never accessed the system with opened up already logged in. I didn't want to log out from the other computers in case I wasn't able to get it right (yes, I already have a backup login), but finally I told it to logout. . .but it came back still logged in. . .and I logged out again, and I was still logged in??

    Something isn't right here. I should be able to login and going to the Zee web page from a device I have never used to access it shouldn't just open as if it is already logged in!!

    Anyone else?

    On your setup page, under the Network tab, see if these options will help:
    Attached Files
    HS4Pro Running on a Raspberry Pi4
    79 Z-Wave Nodes, 131 Events, 383 Devices
    Z-Wave, UPB, WiFi
    Plugins: EasyTrigger, weatherXML, OMNI, Z-Wave, Tuya, Device History
    HSTouch Clients: 3 Android, 1 Joggler


      Thanks! That was it. I guess I would have assumed options like that (if they even exist) would be off by default.