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Buy a Zee, just use as SMART Z-Wave interface

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    Originally posted by Phill View Post
    Our Homeseer setup is fairly straightforward with HS really acting as:-
    - a time clock for appliances / lights
    - motion activated lighting
    - safety for devices accidentally left on
    - custom web site providing specific information.

    We had a hybrid X10 / Zwave setup under HS2 on windows which was working fine for years. However due to a melt down resulting in a neighbour walking into a tree in the front garden (the lights hadn't come on) I needed to rethink the setup. Possibly we'd become too dependant on automation 8-). I returned the house back to manual everything and guess what, the family complained at how much they missed the automation.

    So moving to the Zee I've rebuilt my setup, albeit slightly reduced in scope (we have 1 light on the driveway that is not connected to HS just in case of another meltdown). I've managed to squeeze everything onto just Z wave thus removing X10 and simplifying the config.

    I'm very pleased with the Zee. Its performing quickly and reliably. There are some differences to the way HS2 controlled the house regardless the family are happy again.

    The only complaint at the moment is the performance of the web server. I've not bothered with any custom web pages until the speed of the web server increases which will hopefully be soon.

    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Zee Edition (Linux)
    Number of Devices: 38
    Number of Events: 20
    Modules/Threads: 47 Modules, 0 Threads
    HomeSeer Memory Used: 54 Mbytes

    Phil this is great new that its working great with Z wave, but some of us just have X10 and really can afford to switch. I have never had any problems with my X10 products and see really no reason to have to switch. I am excited about the zee as much as you are, but I am just asking for them to fix the error with X10 and wonder why was it released with such problems of it not working. Homeseer is a terrific program and I too have used it for about 15 or more years and like you for miner stuff. Now with the new house in the country, we can not use the internest as much as we did be for. So like before I had a lot of programs telling weather every hour, the time, warnings, and best of all was HSphone. I too am hearing complaints about the missing of the lights going on and off. We get so spoiled. But the Zee is going to be perfect for me. I have no problems with the web server. I would love to have some of those fancy ones I have seen others build. Its so great to just have this little box do it all, and I am sure that Homeseer will get around to fixing X10 to work also, just a bad taste of why release something that did not work 100% or why was it not completely tested. I know at work if I would submit a report half done, I would not get by with saying it was ready for release. Its great to hear you are having success with it and in hopes I will to someday soon. I have a few friends that is helping me and well them too to find the issues and fix them our selves. Its another issue that you are to get 30 days of support, I got none. I did get a message once to call. I have a crazy schedule that does not work with Homeseer, so in hoped that they could work with me via email, but guess not because our of the many tickets I have made, I just got a answer on one and that was the one to call them. I am currently running, but not with the interface that I would like to use and is suppose to work, nor am I able to update with any of the new releases. If I do update, I am in the black and have to beg a new friend of mine who know a lot about this programming to get me back to an older version that works. I wish they would work with him, and allow him to tell them how he fixes it, so the releases would work.