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    HomeTroller Zee Release

    Update your Zee from Setup. Click change link below for changes.

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    Needing help with Zee

    I don't know what is going on. When I am running all is fine. When I update to I lose HStouch. I have gone back and fourth, and no matter what I do when I install the update, HStouch can not be found any where. I can load a saved FTP file of and there its back. Was looking forward to add my cameras, and heard was running great with cameras. But I have not heard where any one is loosing their HStouch. Why am I loosing mine, open for any suggestions. I have rebooted, the Zee, I have unplugged the Zee and waited then plugged it back in, still HStouch is gone if I am running, but when I reinstall its back. Any ideas on what might be going one. I thought about resetting the unit back to factory settings, and then update to, but really don't think that will help, and I am unsure on how to do that either.
    I did update to before I did .70 and believe it was missing there then.
    Please offer any help, I will try anything. Been working with Pete and done everything he has mentioned and have checked all that he has asked me too, still no luck.
    Thanks in advance of any suggestions,