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Plugins and scripts that work on the Zee/HS3-Pi

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    Plugins and scripts that work on the Zee/HS3-Pi

    As most Zee users know, there are limitations on what software will run on the Zee/HS3-Pi software builds.

    HST provide the following plugins as part of the build:

    HSTouch Server

    At the time of writing, no other plugins are compatible.

    I now have the following scripts available that work with the Zee/HS3-Pi:

    Jon00 Weather Display for Homeseer 3
    Jon00 Virtual device graphing utility for Homeseer 3
    Jon00 Cumulus Weather for Homeseer 3
    Jon00 Horoscopes for Homeseer 3
    Jon00 NOAA Weather for Homeseer 3
    Jon00 Virtual Weather Station (VWS) for Homeseer 3
    Jon00 Application/Process control for Homeseer 3

    Rob has posted a script to monitor CPU performance here. You can combine this with my graphing utility if you know what you are doing!

    If you are running something on the Zee or HS3-Pi which you would like to share, please post here!
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    How do we install Jons plugin on Zee?

    I was excited to see that you have some plugins for the Zee. I love your weather plugins. I really like any plugins I have gotten from you.

    I was wondering if the license we paid for plugin for HS2 will work with the plug ins for Zee. I have a bunch of them. They are such reasonable price not that big of a deal, just asking.

    Also wondered about installing these. I tried to find some information on it and had not luck. Looked through you site the other day and didn't really see a category that said Zee.

    Could u update me on how I would take care of some of these plug in, I saw a few that I was really interested in adding to the Zee.

    Thank you so much Jon, for doing this for us that have Zee. Now just need to know where to find them, and how to install them.


      Where do i find the script referenced?