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Attempting to get Zee to work with Sercomm RC8221 IP-Camera

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    Attempting to get Zee to work with Sercomm RC8221 IP-Camera

    Hi folks. As a relative newcomer to home automation and the HomeTroller Zee, I'm turning to this experienced community in the hopes of getting some help solving my camera woes.

    I have a relatively common IP camera. It's a Sercomm RC8221 which is used by numerous vendors with that name, as well as occasionally re-branded by others (for example, Lowes and AT&T). The camera has been given a factory reset, and I've entered some basic information in it's API. I have no problem whatsoever viewing video on the camera via IP address, both locally on my network or remotely on 4G/LTE using a couple of stand-alone IP camera apps for iPhones.

    What I have been completely unable to do is get it to play nicely with my Zee and HS3 Lite. In the Manual Camera Setup area of the HSTouch Server plugin, I've tried entering in just about everything I can think of in the SnapShot URL field. No image ever comes up using my HSTouch app. Interestingly, as long as I have the IP right, I do see the network activity light on the camera flashing away like crazy. It sure is trying to communicate... but my HSTouch isn't getting / displaying the images.

    Camera integration is high on my list of needs for this device. Before purchasing, I did some research and learned about the relatively new addition of IP camera support. I'm not entirely unwilling to purchase a new Foscam unit if it would make life easier, but I can't help but thinking that this Sercomm should work!

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thread title should say RC8221 camera

    Typo in my thread title. Camera is a Sercomm RC8221.


      See if this link is any help.


        Originally posted by Rupp View Post
        Plenty of useful information there, and the subsequently linked sites as well. I appreciate that share. Unfortunately I still haven't been able to make it happen. It's not the end of the world - I'm not against picking up a Foscam unit. I may still put more effort into this Sercomm one once I'm less frustrated.