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Zee getting stuck.

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    Zee getting stuck.

    I can go to all the pages ok, but when I go to change my interface, it pops up in the left hand corner refreshing and locks up there. Will not move from that point, anyone having this problem?

    New Zee owner here... I noticed that the Zee was rebooting much slower that it was initially, and I was getting some odd frozen moments that were not there the first day.

    I looked through the logs in the Zee (/var/log/messages via ssh) and noticed it was complaining about file system inconsistencies at boot, I shut the Zee down, popped the SD card in my windows PC and it also complained about the card and asked if i wanted to repair it.

    So I let windows attempt to repair it... it found no issues (or so it said). I ejected the card and re-inserted it into the windows machine and it didn't warn me of anything (guess it did something even though it reported it didn't).... popped it back into the Zee and it has been working fine since.

    I thought I had been pretty good about shutting it down properly and couldn't recall pulling power with it running to cause any inconsistencies so perhaps there is some process not shutting down cleanly when doing a reboot or shutdown?

    I would suggest you take a look in the logs and see if you have any messages about the file system... worth a look!