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Lock-ups on Zee - "Out of native memory"

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    Lock-ups on Zee - "Out of native memory"

    I keep stubbornly trying to make my Zee do what it's supposed to -- too much time on my hands, I guess. I've got it to the point where it works for 20 - 30 hours straight before locking up again. Web access produces an "unable to access" error, and all events/announcements cease.

    I can still FTP into the Zee and check the most recent log entries. Usually I come across something like "Out of native memory", generally while running an event that is supposed to play a (small) .wav file to indicate motion outside.

    Is there a way to either reset the RAM every so often, or to reboot the Zee once a day from an event...or just a to make it stop locking up? I have a lot of events and modules, but nothing TOO terribly complicated.

    I've tried disabling the Z-wave and HSTouch plugins to see if that would help, but no dice. Any ideas?

    In unrelated news, when will Zee users get the version .35 X10 plugin so we can dim things again?

    Originally posted by PhilCamH View Post
    ...... or to reboot the Zee once a day from an event...?
    Try this:

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