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  • tarbat
    Good to get a list of WiFi adapters that work okay.

    I'm using the WiPi adaptor on mine alongside a CM15 and Z-Wave.

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  • Frobozz
    started a topic wifi adapters

    wifi adapters

    I wanted to uncouple my zee from the network cable and mount it on the wall in the other room. So, I went down to the local staples store to find a wifi 802.n that would work with the zee. I came home with 2 USB wifi to try. The Linksys (Cisco) N600, and a Netgear N300.

    Both adapters said to run the CD first, I said this can't be good. I tried the Cisco first, booted up the zee. It didn't detect it at all. Next was the Netgear, boot up the zee and it detected it. Cool!

    So, my zee is now mounted on the wall. Nice thing about it, all it needs is power, no other wires coming out of it.

    To summarize, the Netgear N300 works with the zee and gives you 802.11n dual band reliability.

    My access point is a Linksys EA6200.