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  • TechFan
    Decided to try playing sounds direct from my Zee instead of trying to trigger a muted siren.

    So, I have found that the sound is very quiet as mentioned here. I got it to speak text to speech. . .I can hear it, but not loud enough. Not sure if the volume on the zee can be controlled.

    Also, found that only the TTS audio works. . .when I try to play a mp3. . .nothing comes out of the direct attached speaker. . .is there a specific audio format required or it can only do TTS?

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  • Pete

    Shut down Homeseer and validate that your sound / text to speech works without Homeseer running.

    Have a quickie look at this (just did a quickie google).

    Then also using the command line test the text to speech program using Flite.

    Type "flite --help" for command line stuff.

    There is a start up text to speech line on the Zee that you should here with Flite.

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  • Felipe
    started a topic audio not working

    audio not working

    Can not get audio from my zee hometroller work. One sound (Chime) it's very quiet.

    Any help?

    sorry for my English with google translate from Spanish