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Can Zee communicate with my HS3PRO system?

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    I was testing the pump house heaters earlier and plugged the Ethernet over Power Line unit in at the house and the second in the pump house. Didn't show a connection. I tried it at an outlet by the pond on the same circuit and did get connected. It is possible I could move it to a different outlet in the pump house and get a connection. I had to do that in the garage. Suspect that there may be some sort of interference.

    I'll get the Pi and Z-wave working in the garage, then come back to the barn. Since I do have the wires out there (in conduit), I'd like to figure out how to extend the signal. But what I'm doing will work for now.

    Getting a line to the pump house will require a cable plow or a backhoe. If I can't get the power line option to work, I might look at a WiFi solution. But again, that is down the road.



      I wonder if the Ethernet over power line thing is related to what phase it's on.

      The antenna on the Aeon stick / RPi is on the Aeon circuit board. Just mounted high on a wall might work.

      You can do a POE thing with it too. Well too if you do run cable you can go analog with stuff.

      Friend on farm is using some wireless service for the internet. They are so busy that they have brought down the speeds and upped the prices.

      We left the wireless antenna on his old house as it was the highest elevation and dug a trench to the new house for the ethernet cable. Its right exactly at 300 feet.

      He has a building in town with Comcast so we were just looking at a wireless bridge from town to his new home.
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